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Unlocking the LinkedIn algorithm with Richard van der Blom

Unlocking the LinkedIn algorithm with Richard van der Blom

Richard's LINKEDIN ALGORITHM REPORT is a meaty research document that took over 1200 hours of work, with some 10,000 posts analysed in the process

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If you're wanting to elevate your professional profile and grow your reputation as a leading, credible voice in your industry, there's every chance LinkedIn should be a key part of your communications armoury.

No doubt you are already on the platform ... but are you using it well?

Are you putting in the requisite effort to gain the benefits in terms of building your brand, positioning yourself as a thought leader, developing relationships ... and even generating new business leads?

Whether the answer is "yes" or "no", I think you'll get heaps out of this podcast interview.

LinkedIn has undergone - and continues to undergo - significant change.

It may have been a latecomer to the social media ball in terms of user experience, uptake and usage - the ugly duckling, as it were - but LinkedIn has certainly transformed into something of a social swan!

Today’s expert guest is Richard van der Blom; he’s a well-regarded LinkedIn expert who, in recent years, has developed a solid understanding of the platform’s algorithm.

Richard runs a LinkedIn and social selling agency called JUST CONNECTING, and he's an absolute gun when it comes to LinkedIn; his content is top notch, and I recommend you follow him to learn more about how to use the platform more effectively.

I got Richard on the show specifically to chat about his recently-released LINKEDIN ALGORITHM REPORT, which has gone viral on the platform, and rightly so. The report is comprehensive and took over 1200 hours of work, with some 10,000 posts analysed in the process.

We cover this, and heaps more! Let's get into it!


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