Sep 7 • 46M

Building a case for why business owners need to get serious about building their personal brand - with Adam Robinson

The founder and CEO of talks candidly about how building his personal brand is paying dividends for his bootstrapped company

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Trevor Young
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In this episode of the podcast we get into the big meaty topic of why business owners and leaders should be building their personal brand, why they should be creating content, and why they should be on social media.

And to discuss it with me is someone who's actually doing it, and who at time of recording was at the start of their personal branding journey (but making up ground quickly - he’s now up to 40,000 followers on LinkedIn, which has been significant growth).

His name is Adam Robinson. He's the CEO and founder of a startup business called

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Adam believes that building your personal brand as a founder is a simpler and smarter strategy than trying to grow your company’s profile right out of the gate. 

In this interview, Adam reveals why he's doubling down on video content, and how he manages his social media activity day-to-day.

I hope you enjoy the chat! It contains lots of ideas and lessons around why business owners should become seriously about building their professional personal brand.


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