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207: Unleash your inner video star (using just your smartphone) with Julian MatherListen now (24 min) | This episode of the podcast looks at how non-digital natives can get the most out of video using nothing more than a smartphone!
206: How to land a book deal from someone who's done it - interview with entrepreneur-turned-author, Ian WhitworthListen now (27 min) | Nailing a book deal with a major publisher ain't easy. Ian Whitworth has done it: he discusses his journey in this 'case study…
205: Playing the long game with Mark Masters, You Are The MediaListen now (18 min) | It's all about connection folks ... creating content, building a sense of kinship, delivering value (ongoing) and playing the long…
204: Season 5 opener - here's what to expect! 💥Listen now (12 min) | What can you expect from forthcoming episodes of the Reputation Revolution podcast?
203: Season 4 Finale (Part 1) - Lots of personal branding gold, what did you miss?Listen now (30 min) | A look back at some of the popular episodes from Season 4 of the Reputation Revolution podcast.