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The who, what and how of building strategic relationships with Nina Thomas

The who, what and how of building strategic relationships with Nina Thomas

To be a successful leader in business, you need to build trust, motivate team members, and develop and nurture strategic relationships.

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In this episode I dig into the topic of strategic relationships with Nina Thomas, founder of Harmonic Advisory.

While activities such as creating content, being on social media, speaking on stage or in the media can do wonders for our profile and our reputation, sometimes it's the relationships side of what we do that can have the most impact.

Nina knows this all too well, having founded Harmonic Advisory in 2012 with a goal of helping businesses grow and successfully implement key projects by ensuring their leaders foster the right relationships.

Nina has worked with thousands of executives at the highest levels of some of Australia's and the world's leading companies, including PwC, GE, ANZ, Deloitte, and the Victorian Government.

With 25 years experience, she has seen first hand the impact strategic relationships and high value networks have in helping businesses grow, implement major projects and achieve successful business outcomes.

In this episode of the podcast, Nina discusses the who, what and how of building relationships in a way that's strategic and sustainable.

More specifically, she unpacks the cornerstones of her strategic relationships framework, which includes:

  1. Define your strategy

  2. Create a Strategic Relationship Map

  3. Develop Your Visibility Plan

  4. Getting Started & Getting Out There

This conversation contains lots of great insights and tips as to how we can all get more from the relationships we build.

It might not be as sexy as recording a video for TikTok, but it can play a key role in the personal branding mix!


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