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The power of two to build your brand on LinkedIn with Michelle B Griffin & Michelle J Raymond

The power of two to build your brand on LinkedIn with Michelle B Griffin & Michelle J Raymond

If you want to expand your presence on LinkedIn in a strategic and positive way, this podcast episode is definitely worth a listen!

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In this episode of the Reputation Revolution podcast, I chat with Michelle B Griffin and Michelle J Raymond (AKA #MichelleSquared) about their new book - The LinkedIn Branding Book: The Power of Two: How to Double Your Personal and Business Brand for Exponential Growth.

Michelle and Michelle met on LinkedIn through the power of commenting in December 2020.

Together they have supported each other with complimentary yet different strengths to rise up and stand out on LinkedIn with their personal branding and business branding businesses.

Both quickly realised that the “Power of Two” as #MichelleSquared was a force for good that would propel success more than what was possible on their own.

This is a fun and informative chat!

We get the nitty-gritty on why and how Michelle and Michelle wrote the book - plus they dig into topics such as:

  • the importance of mindset when building your presence on LinkedIn

  • how to start strong by getting your branding foundations right

  • what both Michelles learned while writing the book

  • the multiplier effect that comes with collaborating with others, and how to find 'power partners' for mutual benefit

... plus we hear Michelle and Michelle's respective stories, and the lessons learned along the way while building their profiles on LinkedIn, and growing their business generally.

If you're interested in expanding your presence on LinkedIn in a way that's going to contribute to your business in a positive way, this episode is definitely worth a listen!

Read more about #MichelleSquared and their new book here


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