Oct 27, 2022 • 52M

Liberated on LinkedIn: How to use transparency and fun to cut through the noise

Startup entrepreneur & tax specialist Joyce Ong explains why bringing your whole self to LinkedIn can work wonders for your personal brand

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We hear a lot today about building our personal brand on social media, about the need to be open and transparent online … not to mention that well-worn word — authentic! 

How do we stand out on social media - especially LinkedIn, which as we all know, is a ‘professional’ network, where showing up as your real self can be difficult for many people.

Yet, we also know that dropping the veneer, getting out amongst it, taking people behind the scenes of your business or professional life - showing your personality and bringing your whole self to LinkedIn especially: this can work wonders in terms of building a profile and getting people to take notice of who you are, what you do and what you stand for: all hallmarks of professional personal branding. 

In this episode, we hear from Joyce Ong who, from pretty much scratch, has gone from zero-to-hero in terms of her LinkedIn presence. It’s a great story!

Joyce is co-founder of TAX NUGGETS ACADEMY, which produces bite-sized training videos for SME accountants and tax advisors. She describes herself as an entrepreneur, content creator, disruptor, rebel against boring, and saviour from sucky training! 

In this fun and informative conversation, Joyce explains how she lets it all out on LinkedIn - detailing the ups and downs of life as a startup entrepreneur - and how adhering to her policy of radical transparency on the platform has helped her not only stand out from the pack, but also grow her nascent enterprise.

Joyce walks us through her story, from working as a consultant at the Australian Tax Office, to running her own training business.

Along the way, she prioritised showing up as herself on LinkedIn, a process she found liberating, and unpacks the thinking behind her efforts on the social platform.

During the course of the conversation, Joyce touches on:

  • The importance of authenticity on LinkedIn, and why taking people behind the scenes of your professional life can really pay dividends in terms of attracting attention, building an audience and generating business

  • The concept of radical transparency, and what it looks like in action

  • How much time she spends creating content and responding to comments

  • Dealing with negative comments on LinkedIn

  • Earned media opportunities that come from having a growing profile

  • How she juggles personal brand vs business brand 

  • The success she’s having with her early efforts with LinkedIn paid ads

Joyce also squeezes in a shout-out for a role she’s got going at Tax Nuggets Academy (digital marketing manager), and asks - and gets - some in-the-moment advice around podcasting!




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