Oct 13, 2022 • 49M

How to unpack your IP, productise your knowledge and scale your impact

If you trade time for dollars and are looking at ways to maximise your revenue without killing yourself in the process, Greg Burgoyne has some ideas you'll be interested in!

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Helping you build visibility, influence and trust in today’s ‘reputation economy’.
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We’re back for a new season (#6) of the REPUTATION REVOLUTION podcast - available now from your favourite podcast app, including Apple Podcasts, Amazon Music and Spotify.

GUEST INTERVIEW: Greg Burgoyne, Course Creators Academy


In this episode of the REPUTATION REVOLUTION podcast, we focus on commercialising your personal brand, or what I like to say: extracting value from the profile and reputation you build in the marketplace.

I’m talking about course creation specifically - this will be of particular interest to listeners who are consultants, coaches, advisors - who currently trade time for money and are looking at ways to maximise their revenue without killing themselves in the process.

Our expert guest is GREG BURGOYNE from New Zealand.

Greg is the founder of the Course Creators Academy; he helps thought leaders and experts (coaches/consultants) unpack their valuable IP and create an offering in order to scale their impact.

In the conversation, we touch on a number of topics associated with the process of productising one's knowledge for commercial gain, including:

  • Cohort-based courses, and the stages involved in launching and delivering them

  • Self-paced evergreen courses, with or without a community component, plus the hybrid variations (NOTE: there are a lot of different ways to productise and sell your knowledge today!)

  • Delivering online training into enterprise-level organisations

  • The different types of delivery platforms e.g. Kajabi, Podia (all-in-one platforms) vs course hosting platforms such as Teachable, and Thinkific; marketplaces like Udemy (the “YouTube of paid courses”); WordPress plugin options, plus online community platforms such as Mighty Networks that house courses and training as well as community forums

Greg says it's important when starting out to begin small, validate your idea, then do it live: "Don’t necessarily productise it straight away,” he says.

We also cover self-sabotage, and people's aversion to the marketing and sales function involved in building a business around course creation.

QUOTABLE QUOTE: “Who is going to thank you on the other side of stepping out of your comfort zone?”

Check out Greg's website, or connect with him on LinkedIn.


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