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How Sally Prosser uses voice to grow her personal brand on TikTok and beyond!

A deep dive into using voice as an expression of oneself, and how to use it strategically across social media and the 'virtual stage' generally

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Trevor Young
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Did you know that TikTok users now spend more time each month watching videos than YouTube users?

Let me hit you with another stat: TikTok is on verge of toppling Netflix in the US in terms of video consumption: according to new research by Insider Intelligence - adult users will spend an average of nearly 56 minutes per day on TikTok this year, six minutes less than the time spent watching Netflix.

And if you skew younger with the research - TikTok users aged 18 to 24 are watching the equivalent of a full-length comedy movie on the app every day.

I get asked a lot by my clients and others:

Should I be on TikTok?

My answer is always the same: it's important to treat the app as you would any social media platform: If your desired target audience uses TikTok, well, maybe you should consider producing content for the channel if it makes sense to do so and will help you progress towards your communications goals.

But there's another potential reason to use TikTok, and that is: If you want to sharpen your short-form video skills - and they are great skills to have today, especially from a personal branding perspective - then TikTok is a good testing ground.

Otherwise, you might want to simply maintain a watching brief on the platform while keeping your efforts focused on other reputation-building communications activities.

But let's say you're interested in being on TikTok, and plan to give the video app a red-hot go.

  • What content works best on the platform?

  • How often should you publish videos?

  • Do some videos perform better than others?

  • How long do you need to spend creating video content?

  • How hard is it to crack the TikTok algorithm?

In short: Is TikTok good for your personal brand, and does it help your business?

To help us get our heads around these questions, I've invited holistic voice and public speaking coach Sally Prosser on to the podcast.

Sally helps leaders, entrepreneurs and professionals to unleash the magic of their voice! She has been on TikTok for a couple of years and has amassed nearly 350,000 followers and 4.4M 'likes' of her videos.

While we kick off chatting about TikTok, we soon broaden the conversation into using voice as an expression of oneself, and how to use it strategically across social media, and the 'virtual stage' generally.

As Sally says: Nobody ever changed the world by staying quiet!

Let's hear from Sally now!


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