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Going small to make it BIG with earned media

Going small to make it BIG with earned media

How to strategically leverage podcast guest appearances to build your professional personal brand on a global scale

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GUEST INTERVIEW: Shelby Janner, Chief Publicity Director at Zilker Media


How to leverage podcast guest appearances to build your professional personal brand on a global scale.

In this week's show we zero in on earned media, with particular emphasis on podcasts, or more specifically, being a guest on other people's podcasts.

Earned media is a term often used by PR folks. In essence, it refers to coverage received on independent third-party media outlets - it's not paid for, but it is earned.

Whether you've built your personal brand so well that media outlets are coming to you, or you're putting in the time and effort to pitch your story to the media outlets: it's still earned. 

Earned the right

You've earned the right for that media channel to quote you, to cover your story, to publish an interview with you.

And by media, we're talking about the whole gamut here baby: at the top end, you're looking at Tier 1 media outlets such as national and metro newspapers and magazines, commercial radio and TV.

Then there are what you'd call Tier 2 media - vertical magazine titles, mainstream blogs, industry publications.

And we keep moving down the 'media ladder' until we get to micro-media, that is, those niche online channels that are often run by passionate individuals and/or people running small businesses. We're talking here about podcasts, YouTube shows, live-streams, blogs and email newsletters. 

It's this lower tier of niche media that we dig into in this episode, with a strong focus on podcasts.

We'll allude to the other types of channels, but podcasting is where it's at in this episode: how to extend your reach by becoming a guest on other people's podcasts.

Introducing Shelby Janner 

To help me unpack what it all means, and how you too can build your personal brand by appearing as a guest on other people's podcasts, I'm joined by SHELBY JANNER - Chief Publicity Director at Zilker Media.

Shelby is an expert in pitching podcasts, she has led Zilker Media’s PR team to reach 2.5 million listeners in the past 2 years alone, booking over 100 different podcasts for Zilker Media’s clients.

If you're keen to extend the reach of your voice and grow your influence beyond your own personal network of friends and connections, then this episode will be of interest!

The micro-media channels may be small, but they can be powerful - and there are no shortage of opportunities available for savvy experts and thought leaders!

Let's get into it!

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