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214: THE MINDSET EPISODE - Overcoming self-sabotage with mindset coach, Fiona Redding

Having the right mindset is crucial for personal branding success. Fiona Redding (aka 'The Happiness Hunter') outlines 5 ways we self sabotage, and how to fix it.

Trevor Young
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In this episode of the Reputation Revolution podcast, we zero in on the 'mindset' part of personal branding.

The topic is a bit different from what we usually cover on the podcast, but it's critically important for entrepreneurs and thought leaders who are keen to fast-track their public profile and professional reputation.

If we can't get our mindset right and get on top of roadblocks and issues caused by self-sabotage - i.e. imposter syndrome etc - we can never effectively put ourselves out there online and build a personal brand that is truly representative of our professional selves.

How can we create powerful, thought-provoking content if we're constantly second-guessing ourselves?

How can we provide useful tips and ideas on social media if we don't deem ourselves worthy enough to do so?

To unpack all of this is The Happiness Hunter, Fiona Redding, a mindset coach and motivational speaker who helps female founders upgrade their vision, mindset and wellbeing to create a purposeful, profitable life and business.

Specifically, Fiona, pictured, outlines the five ways we self-sabotage, and explains how we can fix it.

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